Patricia Brown



Patricia Brown


The first painting, Transition, for which my show is titled, is from the Straight From the Hip Series. It shows spirits passing through the pelvis, the place of their birth, into the next realm. It seems that every time I approach a new artwork I cross a threshold into a new reality.   There, I respond physically to the model, space, mood, atmosphere, light, color and paint. In this new territory, I try to remain open and spontaneous in recording this experience. I tend to work quickly and intensely trusting my intuitive choices.

The figurative works here were created in August 2104 in an intensive two weeks working with models David and Sarah.   Although I have drawn them for many years, each time I discover something new. In these works I became intrigued with the relationship between the models and fellow artists in the studio.

The abstract works were painted in a two-week retreat at the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts in October. I decided to work without a model, dwelling in an inner landscape of memory and imagination.   Again I worked with the focus of painting spontaneously while trusting my decisions. I experimented freely, played with materials and explored a variety of approaches to developing abstract compositions.

It was not until a friend and I looked at the figurative and abstract artworks side by side that the similarities between them became evident. In some pairings it looks as though I had looked at the figure work to record color, texture, space in an abstract composition. This was not the case. Perhaps memories of previous paintings came back subconsciously. Perhaps the approaches to mark making, texture, and color are truly mine. The truth lies somewhere in the Transition.