Deborah Goldstein

I primarily work in oil and pastel. My passion is both landscape and urban landscape paintings, where I focus on historical architecture. My work is a combination of studio and plein air pieces. I spend much of my summer outdoors, where you can capture dramatic lighting and atmospheric effects. My work forms a visual log of my hiking and travels to remote locations.

I discovered pastel while trying to create a daily art practice, finding that the medium allowed me to have immediate results with little to no setup time. It’s the perfect medium for the harried commuter who needs to catch a train. I stayed with the medium as it allows me to create pieces with vibrant imaginative colors, in both impressionistic and realistic styles. Pastel allows me to portray vast landscapes, intimate garden scenes and to find the magic of ordinary objects as the seasons change.

My landscape paintings represent impressions and observations of an area, yet not an exacting replica. They draw the viewer into the painting allowing them to respond emotionally to the time, place, and mood of the piece. By leaving out details in some sections, the viewer becomes a part of the painting process.



  • BOCES HS Certificate in Graphic Design and Illustration
  • New Rochelle Continuing Education, 4 Years “Drawing and Composition”
  • Bronxville Continuing Education, 2 Years “Classical Oil Painting”
  • Susan Ogilvie’s five day workshop “How to En Plein Air in Pastel”
  • Alain Picard, three day workshop, “The Painterly Landscape”
  • Alain Picard, three day workshop, “The Painterly Portrait”
  • Jen Evenhus’s three day workshop, “The Beauty of Imperfection, Mundane to Marvelous”

Group Exhibits

  • 2014 New Rochelle HS Year End Exhibit, graduating seniors and continuing ed students, second place ribbon
  • 2015 New Rochelle Public Library, Sketching the Neighborhood,
  • 2017 Bronxville Women’s Club Community Art Exhibit, third place ribbon
  • 2022 NYC Urban Sketchers, New Amsterdam Library Art Exhibit, Virtual Sketching in Time of Covid
  • 2023 State of the Art Gallery, December Juried Show


  • 2019-2024 NYC Urban Sketchers