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Ben Sherman

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The freedom to explore any idea-use any material, style, or technique to communicate that idea-is what keeps me engaged in the thought process necessary to produce powerful original works. Over the yeras, depending on the subject, I’ve produced works in wood, stone, metals, concrete, plaster, wax, plastic, cloth, and rubber. My subject matter has included violence, war, science, religion, nature, philosophy, mythology, humor, as well as human and animal forms rendered both realistically and abstractly.

I don’t feel tied to a particular style or subject matter. It’s intellectually stimulating and fun for me to continually learn new techniques and use new materials. It’s exciting: the adventure of not knowing what new revelations these explorations will lead to. Most typically the completed sculptures have surprises I hadn’t anticipated, reinforcing this manner of working.

Many of the other arts-theater, painting, opera, literature, and especially music, have always been for me an inspiring source of insight and a standard of excellence to emulate. They continue to be a pillow to rest on, recharging my own creative batteries.

I look forward to the new, the undiscovered, the unforseen.