Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"—"
Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"Boreal Forest"
Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"Jade Sky"
Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"Northwest Sunset"
Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"Shoreline Cloudscape"
Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"Twilight Crowflight"
Featured Artist,Daniel McPheeters,"Winter Sun"
Featured Artist,Eva Capobianco,"Finger Lakes Trail, Map 30—Boulder with Lattice"
Featured Artist,Eva Capobianco,"Finger Lakes Trail, Map 23—Forest for the Trees"
Featured Artist,Eva Capobianco,"Finger Lakes Trail, Map 13—Pond, Trees and Green Glass"
Featured Artist,Eva Capobianco,"Finger Lakes Trail, Map 21—Majestic Pines"
Featured Artist,Eva Capobianco,"Finger Lakes Trail, Map 27—Moss, Stream and Root"
Featured Artist,Eva Capobianco,"Finger Lakes Trail, Map 16—Stevenson Forest Preserve"
Featured Artist,Vince Joseph,"Afternoon Walk"
Featured Artist,Vince Joseph,"Studio 1"
Featured Artist,Vince Joseph,"Round Green Vase"
Featured Artist,Vince Joseph,"Shadows and Flowers"
Featured Artist,Vince Joseph,"Summer Porch"
Featured Artist,Vince Joseph,"Three Vases"
Featured Artist,Don Ellis,"St Lawrence One"
Featured Artist,Don Ellis,"River Wheel"
Featured Artist,Don Ellis,"Penta Parade"
Featured Artist,Don Ellis,"Party One"
Featured Artist,Don Ellis,"Milking Mondrian's Cow"
Featured Artist,Don Ellis,"Cop26"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Wood Stork"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"NYC Horse and Buggy"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Manhattan Times Square"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Macro Phaelenopsis"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Heron abstract"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Elephant St. Louis Zoo"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Egyptian Lotus.Naples"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Cement Sculpture Abstract"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Bronze Buddha Head"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Broken Valentine Doll"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Amaryllis"
Featured Artist,Nancy Ridenour,"Aldi dry roses"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"Walking Away form Marvin's Pond"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"South on the Interloken Trail"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"October's Curtain"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"Last Light"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"Fall ~ Cornell Botanical Garden"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"The Top of Sirrine Road"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"North on the Interloken Trail"
Featured Artist,Patty L. Porter,"Bay Side"
Featured Artist,Barbara Behrmann,"Take a Walk on the Mild Side"
Featured Artist,Barbara Behrmann,"Stir Crazy"
Featured Artist,Barbara Behrmann,"Misty Spring Garden"
Featured Artist,Barbara Behrmann,"Mediterranea"
Featured Artist,Barbara Behrmann,"In the Beginning"
Featured Artist,Barbara Behrmann,"CityScape"
Featured Artist,Carol Spence,"Bear"
Featured Artist,Carol Spence,"Buffalo"
Featured Artist,Carol Spence,"Elephant"
Featured Artist,Carol Spence,"Fox"
Featured Artist,Carol Spence,"Rabbit"
Featured Artist,Carol Spence,"Rooster"
Featured Artist,Katrina Morse,"Water on Water #1A"
Featured Artist,Katrina Morse,"Water on Water #2A"
Featured Artist,Diana Ozolins,"The Light on the Porch"
Featured Artist,Diana Ozolins,"Transitions"
Featured Artist,Nancy V Ridenour,"Barred Owl"
Featured Artist,Nancy V Ridenour,"Bleeding hearts and vase"
Featured Artist,Nancy V Ridenour,"Blue Herons sharing sticks for nest"
Featured Artist,Nancy V Ridenour,"Goose chicks"
Featured Artist,Nancy V Ridenour,"Queensborough Bridge Abstract"
Featured Artist,Nancy V Ridenour,"Yellow day lily"
Featured Artist,Jane Dennis,"Teachers Appreciation Apron"
Featured Artist,Jane Dennis,"Refuge"
Featured Artist,Jane Dennis,"Pandemic Skirt Detail"
Featured Artist,Jane Dennis,"Life Jacket: Pandemic Skirt"
Featured Artist,Jane Dennis,"Holding On To The Past"
Featured Artist,Jane Dennis ,"Conspiracy Theory Apron"
Featured Artist,Patricia Brown,"Untitled: November 18, 2022"
Featured Artist,Patricia Brown,"Untitled: November 19, 2022"
Featured Artist,Patricia Brown,"Remnant 19 Closeup 2"
Featured Artist,Patricia Brown,"Remnant 19  Closeup 1"
Featured Artist,Patricia Brown,"Remnant 19"
Featured Artist,Patricia Brown,"Untitled: September 4, 2023"
Featured Artist,Mary Ann Bowman,"Big Bird"
Featured Artist,Mary Ann Bowman,"Let Loose on Wheels"
Featured Artist,Mary Ann Bowman,"Sheepish Peep"
Featured Artist,Mary Ann Bowman,"Shore Bird 2"
Featured Artist,Mary Ann Bowman,"Terra Cotta"
Featured Artist,Mary Ann Bowman,"Let's Go"
Featured Artist,Ed Brothers,"Along Pipeline Road"
Featured Artist,Ed Brothers,"Campbell’s"
Featured Artist,Ed Brothers,"Gold and Sage"
Featured Artist,Ed Brothers,"Louie’s Mediterranean"
Featured Artist,Ed Brothers,"Reflections in a Golden Eye"
Featured Artist,Ed Brothers,"Topsy-Turvy"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Meadow Glow"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Mini Lillies"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Cosmos in the Sun"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Reach for the Sun"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Poppies Abloom"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Meadow Glory"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Tulips in Meadow"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Dafodils in Meadow Print"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Moody Meadow"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Orange Poppies in Meadow"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Meadow Sun"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Flowers in Vase"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Sun Dance"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Teapot Whimsy"
Kaufman,Cindy Kaufman,"Poppy Field"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Cropped Iris"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Eye Cast"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Mouth Cast"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Pear on Rock with Leaf"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Pear on Rock"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Peeled Orange"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Peonies"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Red Onion"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Shiny Creamer"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Summer Bouquet"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Sunflower in Blue Vase"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Tea kettle on Green"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Turnip"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"Vase and Lemon"
Bluestone,Brenda Bluestone,"White Pitcher on Green"
Miscellaneous,Vince Joseph,"Fall Flowers Watering Can"
Miscellaneous,Margy Nelson,"Poetic Justice"
Miscellaneous,Connie Zehr,"Eggs"
Miscellaneous,Eva Capobianco,"Black Mothers' Sons"
Miscellaneous,Ethel Vrana,"Dots and Stripes"
Miscellaneous,Ileen Kaplan,"Golden Hour"
Miscellaneous,Ethel Vrana,"Castle"
Miscellaneous,Barbara Behrmann,"Looking In, Looking Out, Looking Forward"
Miscellaneous,Margy Nelson,"Garden Mandala"
Miscellaneous,Vince Joseph,"Summer Porch"
Miscellaneous,Ethel Vrana,"Landscape"
Miscellaneous,Margy Nelson,"Goby, Sponge, Lizardfish"
Miscellaneous,Eva Capobianco,"Finger lakes Trail, Map 9—October Stream and Trees"
Miscellaneous,Carol Spence,"Memory"
Miscellaneous,Hsiao-Pei Yang,"Ithaca Community Garden Calendar"
Miscellaneous,Harry Littell,"Significant Elements"
Miscellaneous,Margy Nelson,"Blueprint For a Butterfly"
Mar24-Salon,Barbara Behrmann,"Urban Impressions #2"
Mar24-Salon,Ed Brothers,"Moricetown Down"
Mar24-Salon,Ed Brothers,"Moricetown Up"
Mar24-Salon,Eva M. Capobianco,"Orchids with Branch and Vine"
Mar24-Salon,Christine Chin,"Red List: Clermontia multiflora"
Mar24-Salon,Frances Fawcett ,"Up, Up, & Away"
Mar24-Salon,Linda Fazzary,"Poros #7"
Mar24-Salon,Annemiek Haralson,"Hope"
Mar24-Salon,Vincent Joseph,"Flower Duet—Revised"
Mar24-Salon,Ileen Kaplan,"Daffodil Bouquet"
Mar24-Salon,Susan C. Larkin,"Two Brown Swiss Cows at Trinity Valley Farm"
Mar24-Salon,Harry Littell,"Man with Umbrella, Ithaca, 2024"
Mar24-Salon,Daniel McPheeters,"Adirondack Sunset"
Mar24-Salon,Margaret Nelson,"Circle of Life: Figs and Wasps"
Mar24-Salon,Margaret Nelson,"Flow chart of fig/wasp symbiosis"
Mar24-Salon,Diana Ozolins,"Water Lillies 99"
Mar24-Salon,Patty L Porter,"Walk in the Woods"
Mar24-Salon,Nancy Ridenour,"Ready for the Wedding"
Mar24-Salon,Carol Spence ,"New Year"
Mar24-Salon,Carol Spence ,"Waiting"
Mar24-Salon,Ethel Vrana,"Dreams of Summer"
Mar24-Salon,David Watkins Jr,"Edinburgh"
Mar24-Salon,Hsiao-Pei Yang,"Intertwined"
Mar24-Salon,Hsiao-Pei Yang,"The New Year Wishes"
Mar24-Salon,Mary Ann Bowman,"Just the Two of Us"
Mar24,Bill Hastings,"Hollow"
Mar24,Bill Hastings,"Spore"
Mar24,Bill Hastings,"Sway"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"Green Jug"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"Pink Flowers, Gray Cat"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"Red Tulips, Gray Cat"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"Rust Pond"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"White Swans"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"Blue Sweater, Gray Cat"
Mar24,Catharine O'Neill,"Orange Tree"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"Bergen og Dem (land)"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"Bergen og Dem (sea)"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"El Templo del Condor"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"Huangshan"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"Forgot to Mention"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"Music of the Spheres"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"San Bao"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"Tea"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"The Chirp"
Mar24,Charles Heasley,"The Dragon"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Daisies"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Frank"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Honeymoon"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Itai"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Mounds (Mother / Daughter)"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Sam"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Self-portrait (Infant)"
Mar24,Geena Fratto,"Theme to Piñata"
Mar24,Jordan Kornreich,"Being V Structure"
Mar24,Jordan Kornreich,"Crossroads"
Mar24,Jordan Kornreich,"Midnight Snack"
Mar24,Jordan Kornreich,"Toast"
Mar24,JW Johnston,"Mom’s Book of Hymns"
Mar24,JW Johnston,"Sealed Coal Bin, Boiler Room"
Mar24,JW Johnston,"Dad’s Wrenches"
Mar24,JW Johnston,"Traces, Mudroom"
Mar24,JW Johnston,"Where Mom’s Fireworks Picture Used to Be"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"Cold Open"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"Fields Outside of Cuyler"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"ICE"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"Idir"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"Otselic"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"PickUp"
Mar24,Stephen Alexander Clark,"Rock Beach"
Mar24,Bill Hastings,"Blight"
Feb24,Annemiek Haralson,"Beaver Pond"
Feb24,Annemiek Haralson,"Forever Upward"
Feb24,Annemiek Haralson,"Portrait of a Tree"
Feb24,Annemiek Haralson,"The Service Road"
Feb24,Annemiek Haralson,"View From Bald Mountain"
Feb24,Irina Kassabova,"Haydn"
Feb24,Irina Kassabova,"Stage"
Feb24,Katrina Morse,"Fly Away"
Feb24,Katrina Morse,"Frayed"
Feb24,Katrina Morse,"Still Life with Two Pitchers"
Feb24,Katrina Morse,"Tangled"
Feb24,Susan C. Larkin,"Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagon"
Feb24,Susan C. Larkin,"Chevrolet, Oldsmobile"
Feb24,Susan C. Larkin,"Chevrolet, Pontiac, Mercury"
Feb24,Susan C. Larkin,"Packard, Buick"
Feb24,Susan C. Larkin,"Pontiac, Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet, Volkswagon"
Feb24,Katrina Morse,"Knotted"
Feb24,Margaret Nelson,"Applied Geometry"
Feb24,Margaret Nelson,"Curvilinear"
Feb24,Diana Ozolins,"Still Life #1"
Feb24,Diana Ozolins,"Still Life #2"
Feb24,Diana Ozolins,"Still Life #3"
Feb24,Diana Ozolins,"Still Life #4"
Feb24,Diana Ozolins,"Still Life #6"
Feb24,Patty L Porter,"Another Cottage Road to Cayuga"
Feb24,Patty L Porter,"Evening Glow"
Feb24,Patty L Porter,"Sand Beach at Little Moose"
Feb24,Ethel Vrana,"Cavern 1"
Feb24,Ethel Vrana,"I Can't Believe I Was There"
Feb24,Ethel Vrana,"Red, Black, and Purple"
Feb24,Ethel Vrana,"Red, Yellow, and Purple"
Feb24,Hsiao-Pei Yang,"Backstage"
Feb24,Hsiao-Pei Yang,"The Birthday Girl"
Feb24,Hsiao-Pei Yang,"Deeb"
Feb24,Hsiao-Pei Yang ,"Father "
Feb24,Hsiao-Pei Yang ,"Girl and Her hen "
Feb24,Barbara Behrmann,"Joy Into Winter"
Feb24,Barbara Behrmann,"Welcome the Stranger"
Feb24,Barbara Behrmann,"Which Way Up?"
Feb24,Ed Brothers,"Intersections"
Feb24,Ed Brothers,"Somewhere in Tokyo"
Feb24,Ed Brothers,"Stone Like a Heart"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Acaena exigua"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Argyroxiphium virescens"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Blc. Yellow Bird 1"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Blc Yellow Bird 2"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Blc Yellow Bird 3"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Blc Yellow Bird 4"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Blc Yellow Bird 5"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Blc Yellow Bird 6"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Blutaparon rigidum"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Cattleya intermedia 2"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Clermontia multiflora"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Cyanea giffardii"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Delissea undulata"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Epidendrum 2"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Epidendrum"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Paphiopedilum spicerianum"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Paphiopedilum venustum 2"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Phalaenopsis japonica 2"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Phalaenopsis stuartiana 2"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Phalaenopsis stuartiana"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Phalaenopsis"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Pouteria stenophylla"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Red List: Trilepidea adamsii"
Feb24,Frances L. Fawcett,"Blue Pine Cone"
Feb24,Frances L. Fawcett,"Sunflower"
Feb24,Frances L. Fawcett,"Three Cones"
Feb24,Nancy Ridenour,"Bleeding Hearts on Black"
Feb24,Nancy Ridenour,"Bleeding Hearts and Bronze"
Feb24,Nancy Ridenour,"Abstract Bleeding Hearts on Black"
Feb24,Christine Chin,"Cattleya kerrii"
Feb24,Barbara Behrmann,"Morning Frost"
Feb24,Barbara Behrmann,"Through Rose Tinted Glasses"
Jan24,Mary Ann Bowman,"Tall"
Jan24,Patricia Brown,"Untitled, November 17, 2023"
Jan24,Patricia Brown,"Untitled, November 19, 2022"
Jan24,Patricia Brown,"Untitled, November 20, 2022"
Jan24,Eva M. Capobianco,"For My Sister"
Jan24,Eva M. Capobianco,"Me, Mom & MoMA"
Jan24,Eva M. Capobianco,"Winter, 1977"
Jan24,Jane Dennis,"Tiny Clowns and Birds: Mother Nature Bats Last"
Jan24,Linda Fazzary,"Decisions Dream"
Jan24,Linda Fazzary,"Heartbroken"
Jan24,Linda Fazzary,"Paths to Doorways"
Jan24,Linda Fazzary,"The Courtship"
Jan24,Patricia Hunsinger,"Mexican Tale"
Jan24,Vincent Joseph,"Callahan Rd Evening"
Jan24,Vincent Joseph,"Garden Red Shed"
Jan24,Vincent Joseph,"Garden Small Spruce"
Jan24,Vincent Joseph,"Monica’s Garden"
Jan24,Ileen Kaplan,"Autumn Moon"
Jan24,Ileen Kaplan,"Moon Over the Lake"
Jan24,Ileen Kaplan,"Moonrise"
Jan24,Ileen Kaplan,"Sunrise over Field"
Jan24,Harry Littell,"Baldwin Street, Elmira, 2021"
Jan24,Harry Littell,"Collier Street, Binghamton, 2022"
Jan24,Harry Littell,"Front Street, Binghamton, 2021"
Jan24,Harry Littell,"Main and Broad Streets, Johnson City, 2022"
Jan24,Daniel McPheeters,"Coastal Cloudscape"
Jan24,Daniel McPheeters,"Eastern Lowlands "
Jan24,Daniel McPheeters,"Lake Country Nocturne "
Jan24,Daniel McPheeters,"Salt Marsh"
Jan24,Carol Spence,"Opportunity"
Jan24,Carol Spence,"Presence"
Jan24,David Watkins Jr,"Reflections No.1, The House that Dali Built"
Jan24,David Watkins Jr,"Reflections No.3, Philadelphia Reflected"
Jan24,David Watkins Jr,"Reflections No.2, Winter Kill"
Jan24,David Watkins Jr,"Reflections No.4, Fall Reflected in Gorge Creek"
Jan24,David Watkins Jr,"Reflections No.5, Downtown Minneapolis at Night"
Jan24,Connie Zehr,"Valley of Fire"
Jul17,Elisabeth Gross Marks,"—"
Jul17,Carol Ast,"—"
Jul17,Ethel Vrana,"Patterns"
Jul17,Diana Ozolins,"Fenway Lights"
Jul17,Jan Kather,"—"
Jul17,Diane Newton,"—"
Jul17,Patty L. Porter,"Poppies Looking South"
Jul17,Daniel McPheeters,"Succulents"
Jul17,Sheryl Sinkow,"Carousel"
Jul17,Stan Bowman,"—"
Jul17,Margy Nelson,"Garden"
Jul17,Marian van Soest,"Acadia Pine"
Jul17,Frances Fawcett,"Ferns"
Jul17,Mary Ann Bowman,"My Dear"
Jul17,Ileen Kaplan,"Café Days"
Jul17,Janet Byer Sherman,"—"
Jul17,Jane Dennis,"US on Wheels"
Jul17,Terry Plater,"Equipoise"
Jul17,Shirley Hogg,"Giraffe"
Jul17,David Watkins Jr,"Fern and Pine"
Jul17,Connie Zehr,"Glass and Sand"
Jul17,Patricia Brown,"Sarah in the Studio 3"
Jul17,Margaret Reed,"St. Olga"
Jul17,Eva Capobianco,"Bonsai with Irises"
Jul17,Barbara Mink,"Hidden Depths"
Jul17,Michael Sampson,"Hollyjoy 1"
Jul17,Erin Deneuville,"Coffee and Cigarettes"
Jul17,Susan C. Larkin,"Dried Plant"
Jul17,Nancy Ridenour,"Siesta Key Egrets"
Jul17,James Spitznagel,"Navigation 003"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Scattershot"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Whirligig"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Box of Crayons"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Hope Springs"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Champagne"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Fracturing"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Chavez Canyon"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Electrical Storm"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Waterfall"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion, Nov 1 2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion, Aug 5 2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion, March 4, 2017"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion 1, July 29, 2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion 1, Nov 1, 2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion 3, July 29,2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion 4, Aug 4, 2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"Present Time"
Apr17,Barbara Mink,"Blackstar"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion 4, Nov 1, 2016"
Apr17,Patricia Brown,"In Motion 8, Nov 1 2016"
Mar17,Ray Helmke,"Reed, Grass, and Mist"
Mar17,Chris Walters,"Runner"
Mar17,Donald Menges,"Dennis"
Mar17,Jenna Rocco,"Descend"
Mar17,Mark Larsen,"Jordan Pond"
Mar17,Muhammad Arif,"ART-ichoke"
Mar17,Nadia Sisley,"Zimbabwe"
Jan17,Carol Ast,"North Triphammer Road"
Jan17,Susan C. Larkin,"Winifred Bailor"
Jan17,Patricia Brown,"Untitled"
Jan17,Sheryl Sinkow,"Ithaca Is Love"
Jan17,Diane Newton,"Looking North on Cayuga Street"
Jan17,Michael Sampson,"Holly Joy"
Jan17,Jan Kather,"Two Women With Balance"
Jan17,Elizabeth Gross-Marks,"Moons Planets"
Jan17,Barbara Mink,"Gorge Walk"
Jan17,Margaret Reed,"Margaret"
Jan17,Connie Zehr,"Incognito"
Jan17,Eva Capobianco,"Rails to Trails - East Hill"
Jan17,Shirley Hogg,"Bobcat"
Jan17,Daniel McPheeters,"Pine Woods Sunset"
Jan17,Patty Porter,"East Hill Expansion (Right)"
Jan17,Patty Porter,"East Hill Expansion (Middle)"
Jan17,Patty Porter,"East Hill Expansion (Left)"
Jan14,Patty Porter,"Water Fiber"
Jan14,Barbara Mink,"Writhing Maple"
Jan14,Diane Newton,"Spencer"
Jan14,Eva Capobianco,"Next Generation"
Jan14,Diana Ozolins,"Daily Life"
Jan14,Ileen Kaplan,"Girl With a Water Bottle"
Jan14,Jan Kather,"Intermittent Lunacy"
Jan14,James Spitznagel,"Scene One"
Jan14,Stan Bowman,"—"
Jan14,Margy Nelson,"Sub Rosa"
Jan14,Marian van Soest,"Scissors"
Jan14,David Watkins Jr,"Pink Dahlia"
Jan14,Elizabeth Gross-Marks,"The Flags"
Jan14,Yvonne Piburn,"—"
Sep13,Doug Baird,"Culvert"
Sep13,Graham Ottoson,"Gourd Lamp"
Sep13,John Lyon Paul,"—"
Sep13,Julie Johnson,"Ceramic"
Sep13,Lynne Taetzsch,"—"
Sep13,Barbara Mink,"Symon's Koi"
Sep13,Werner Sun,"Earth, Sea & Sky"
Sep13,Elizabeth Wolf & James Nagel,"Table"
Oct08,Gurdon Brewster,"—"
Oct08,Susan C. Larkin,"Nicandra physaloides (apple-of-Peru)"
Posters,Diane Newton,"Encounters/Arrangements"