A fine arts cooperative in Ithaca, New York
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Soag Raffle 2011

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Raffle Winners Announced!

Meleny Peacock         Janet Sherman View From Studio Window Late Fall

Barbara Shew              Carol Ast May Hillside/Cornell Plantations

Donn Carroll                Jan Kather Untitled

Sally Grubb                  Mary Ann Bowman Fish Friends

Carolyn Dillon            Elisabeth Gross-Marks The Blue Circle

Mark O’Malley             Patty Porter Wyers Point

Sheila Stone                 Diana Ozolins August: Ausable Point

Dee Alary                     Jim Spitznagel Horse

Caitlan Hostetter      Eva Capobianco Nested

Amy Bentz                   Ethel Vrana Ithaca Winter

Kerry Mizrahi             Barbara Mink Tree

Carol Rubenstein       Yvonne Piburn Three Trees 1

Rick Schuler                 Mary Schuler The Tetons

John Rudan             Daniel McPheeters Spiral Tree Triskele

Jennifer Gerner       Terry Plater Of Red Ages

Julia Czerwinski       Margaret Nelson Hnaging Basket

Mary Kane                 Marian Van Soest Pomegranate and Persimmon

Eric Skalwold           Leslie Brill Boris

Deb Dudick               Ileen Kaplan Single Rose

Kate Gefell               Stan Bowman Green Hayrolls

Joni Spielholz        Frances Fawcett Surface Tension

Michael Maxwell     Sheryl Sinkow Yellow Rose

Stan Bowman           David Watkins Jr. A Rose By Any Other..

Alison Brill               Stephan Phillips Iron and Bell