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Erin Deneuville

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I am a  figurative oil painter working from direct observation. I am inspired by my immediate surroundings and, equally, by the paint itself. I am interested in the physical possibilities of the paint. I will often leave some of the thin underlayers exposed and contrast with thick impastos or heavy brushstrokes.

I paint people, objects, and interior spaces. I find that there is often great significance in the objects that we choose to surround ourselves with. Sometimes I find that I have carefully arranged the mundane objects of my daily life and I like to paint these scenes I’ve created. I think I’m looking to reveal some meaning to myself. And, indeed, sometimes I do. Sometimes, the paintings are downright clairvoyant. Other times, they are a simple recording of a specific time and place.  In either case, the compositions are intimate. They invite the viewer in to share a private moment.