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Works by
Carol Ast, Mary Ann Bowman, Stan Bowman, Patricia Brown, Eva Capobianco, Erin Deneuville, Jane Dennis, Frances Fawcett, Shirley Hogg, Ileen Kaplan, Jan Kather, Susan C. Larkin, Elisabeth Gross Marks, Daniel McPheeters, Barbara Mink, Margy Nelson, Diane Newton, Diana Ozolins, Terry Plater, Patty L. Porter, Margaret Reed, Nancy Ridenour, Michael Sampson, Janet Byer Sherman, Sheryl Sinkow, Marian van Soest, James Spitznagel, Ethel Vrana, David Watkins Jr, and Connie Zehr.

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Gallery Members 2017

A sample of work by gallery members in July 2017.

Carol Ast

Mary Ann Bowman

Stan Bowman

Patricia Brown

Eva Capobianco

Erin Deneuville

Jane Dennis

Frances Fawcett

Shirley Hogg

Ileen Kaplan

Jan Kather

Susan C. Larkin

Elisabeth Gross Marks

Daniel McPheeters

Barbara Mink

Margy Nelson

Diane Newton

Diana Ozolins

Terry Plater

Patty L. Porter

Margaret Reed

Nancy Ridenour

Michael Sampson

Janet Byer Sherman

Sheryl Sinkow

Marian van Soest

James Spitznagel

Ethel Vrana

David Watkins Jr

Connie Zehr