Raffle Winners!

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Our raffle was a great success! Thank you everyone who bought tickets, and congratulations to those whoe names were drawn. We’ll be donating close to $600 to the Community Foundation to continue their good work.      Message from Community Foundation

  1. Carol Ast “Stillness” won by Lori Christ
  2. MaryAnn Bowman  Three Fish won by Allissa Newton
  3. Stan Bowman “Near East Hill Plaza” won byErica Echaniz
  4. Patricia Brown Spontaneous Collages #17 won by Susan Weisand
  5. Eva M. Capobianco It Wouldn’t Dawn on Them won by Connie Thomas
  6. Erin Deneuville Orbit won by Mark Hample
  7. Jane Dennis Charting A Course won by Adrian McNair
  8. Frances Fawcett Osmia cornifrons won by Dawn Tratter
  9. Shirley Hogg Chewy Mouse won by Sarah Barden
  10. Ileen Kaplan Morning at the Lake won by Mark Hample
  11. Jan Kather Spiritual Journeys:  won by Heidi Boch
  12. Susan C. Larkin Driftwood I: Block Island won by Natalie Reed
  13. Daniel McPheeters Coral Flame won by Norm Johnson
  14. Barbara Mink Pink Sky won by Michael Simons
  15. Margaret C. Nelson Cicada Summer won by Andrea Volckmar
  16. Diane Newton Toward New York won by Elizabeth Pitters
  17. Diana Ozolins Dawn Over the Erie Canal won by Steve Seaberg
  18. Patty L Porter One of Three Graces won by Chuck Kroll
  19. Margaret Reed Needle and Fray won by Lynn King
  20. Nancy V. Ridenour Tulip on Black won by Nancy Gersh
  21. Michael Sampson Model #22 won by Rae Buleri
  22. Janet Byer Sherman Hillside from Studio Window won by Ken Burkhart
  23. Sheryl D. Sinkow Incan Engineering at Machu Picchu won by Mike Culotta
  24. Ethel Vrana Pond won by Martha Frommelt
  25. David Watkins Jr Dahlia Victoria won by Kren Salino
  26. Connie Zehr ECHO won by Karen Lacson