Alicia Sangiuliano


Alicia Sangiuliano

I consider myself a multi-media artist, I use both digital and traditional techniques. I like to experiment with digital image compositing and later use this imagery for paintings on canvas. Although we live in a computer based era, applying paint to a canvas still stays alive. Digital photography has given me alot more freedom to explore different techniques on a budget.

I am obsessed with visual imagery, and I am always looking for new concepts, textures and colors around me. I have been studying the human figure half my life and It never gets boring to me.

Woman has been a main theme of my work the past few years. I explore the complex issues of the female psyche and body that is deeply rooted in mystery, unafraid. My work delves into the issues of identity, motherhood, and beauty. I want to change the conventional way we normally view the female, not as something to admire, but more a reflection of her inner power. I often do self-portraits and take pictures of those who are close friends of mine, including my daughter. I am fascinated by the obscure, surrealism, textural landscapes, fashion, spirituality, nature, psychology, social confines, and feminine elegance.

I studied painting at the New York Studio School, NYC and The San Francisco Art Institute. I am the founder of Alicia Dianne Photography, specializing in fine art portraits in Ithaca. I also paint murals, produce music and experimental videos.