A fine arts cooperative in Ithaca, New York
Admission to the gallery is free and open to the public.


Reality is Negotiable

Ileen Kaplan and David Watkins
April 4–28, 2024

In April’s State of the Art Gallery show Reality is Negotiable, members Ileen Kaplan and David Watkins Jr continue their individual but kindred artistic exploration of abstraction, color, light, and landscape. The show features Kaplan’s colorful nature inspired abstract paintings and Watkins’ floral, abstract, and landscape images.

Carol Spence and Vince Joseph

May 2–June 2, 2024

35th Annual Juried Photography Show

June 6–30, 2024

Previous Annual Photography Shows: 2023, 2022, 2021.

Memorial Show for Stan Bowman and Jane Sherman

July 4–28, 2024

Seeing Ithaca

August 1–September 1, 2024

To promote our beautiful and diverse city and the artists who love it, for the entire month of August local galleries will exhibit their artists’ unique interpretations of seeing Ithaca. See Seeing Ithaca 2023.

Patty Brown and Patricia Hunsinger

September 5–29, 2024

Annual December Juried Show

December 5–29, 2024

Previous December Juried Shows: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020.