Becoming an Artist Member

Ed Brothers on becoming a member.

The State of the Art Gallery is a collective of practicing artists who have worked cooperatively for over 30 years to bring a vibrant fine arts gallery to the Ithaca community. Read on to learn about the benefits and responsibilities of membership, as well as the criteria for membership and how to apply.

Applications will be accepted starting February 15, 2025 (see the timeline below). You should address any inquiries to the Membership Committee.


Membership carries many benefits, including the following:

Various ways to exhibit artwork:

  • Solo or duo shows in the main gallery, a solo show every four years or a two-member show every two years.

  • An annual group show that fills the entire gallery with about 10 feet of wall space for each member.

  • Members may show one or two pieces six times a year in the Salon.

  • Members may display original artist books and prints in the gallery racks.

  • Exhibit in other venues as opportunities arise. Recent examples have been at the Hilton Garden Inn and at Moosewood Restaurant.

  • In past years State of the Art has rented one of the larger booths at the Artist’s Market (held at the Farmers’ Market in July) for all interested members.

Enhanced Marketing and Exposure

Expand your marketing with continuous listings and artwork images on the Gallery website, gallery blog, artist of the month, rack cards stocked at hotels and tourist information centers, targeted announcements of shows to local media and our monthly newsletter, and social media announcements and updates. 

Engagement with Fellow Artists

Opportunities to discuss work monthly for current shows and in critique groups, enjoy collegial support and occasional social activities with fellow artists, and work collaboratively.


As a cooperatively run gallery, membership also carries many responsibilities. Please read the following carefully.

  • Staff the gallery each month for 4–5 hours, and process sales manually with paperwork and digitally with Square. 

  • Support fellow members by attending gallery openings, new member reviews, and other special events.

  • Pay membership dues of $364 annually, a 13% commission to gallery for artwork sold, and exhibition fees of $400 for solo shows, split among exhibitors for multi-person  shows. 

  • Attend membership meetings on the evening of the second Monday each month to discuss and vote on gallery events and procedures.  

  • Be able to photograph and submit accurate digital image files and labels for their artwork meeting monthly deadlines. Members are responsible for digital photography of their own artwork

  • Participate in running the gallery by working regularly on at least one major committee (listed below) and by helping out with sub tasks from other committees that the gallery needs.


Financial Committee

responsible for grant writing, accounting, and financial oversight.

Facilities Committee

responsible for gallery maintenance and improvements, supply  inventories, and pandemic management. 

Member Exhibits Committee

responsible for overseeing installation of all gallery shows, processing of member  digital artwork files and labels, the online gallery, the online Square store, and reception for  openings. 

Special Exhibits Committee

responsible for organizing the annual juried art show, the annual photo show,  invitational shows and occasional themed exhibits. 

Membership Staffing Committee

responsible for the processing of new member applications, orientation and mentorship of new members, annual maintenance of members Procedures Manual, and overseeing the gallery sitting calendar. 

Marketing Publicity and Community Outreach Committee

responsible for posting show announcements in local newspapers, public calendars and radio, online media including the gallery website with event announcements, newsletter, blog and online gallery and social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business. This committee produces printed promotions such as rack cards and posters. It organizes special fundraisers and events such as the Ithaca’s annual Artist Market. This committee develops and pursues strategies to increase our visibility in the greater Ithaca community. 

Policies/Procedures/Records Committee

responsible for reviewing our by-laws and policies annually. It also archives the history of our shows, events and promotional materials, and procedural documents.

Criteria for New Member Consideration

  • Original/artistic vision.

  • Effective use of materials and approaches to composition that communicate the artist’s intent. 

  • A record of accomplishment and commitment to art making and showing.

  • Professional presentation of work.

  • Understanding of member responsibilities.

New Member Application Process

We request that applicants submit the following:

  • A body of recent work of which a substantial portion has been completed within the last two years and which exemplifies your current artistic voice. Please submit JPEG files of 10–15 pieces. Files should be labeled with the applicant’s name and title of the piece. Along with the digital files, a list of the file names, art medium, and dimensions of each work is also required.

  • An artist statement to give us further insight into understanding your artwork.

  • A resume that highlights your artistic achievements, history, and related experiences.  

  • Submit your application by email to

In addition, please read the member responsibilities and committees information listed above. Identify what committee tasks match your skills and strengths and be prepared to talk about this during the interview process. 

State of the Art Gallery does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed),  gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual  orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We encourage all practicing artists to apply for membership.

Application timeline for 2025

February15Applications accepted.
March15Last day for applications.
245:00–8:00 pmApplicants bring work into the gallery for in-person review. Susan Larkin will contact you to make an appointment.
258:00 am until noon
289:00 am until noonApplicants remove work from the gallery.
April156:00–9:00 pmThe Membership Committee will contact you with an interview time and a Zoom link. You will need to share your screen to show your work. See below for helpful details about the interview.
22Members vote on applications.
24Applicants will be notified about the outcome of the votes.
May137:30 pmNew members attend SOAG monthly meeting.

During May, new members will receive orientation. They will be paired with an experienced member for the first year for continued support.

Portfolio Presentation

Eight to ten works that exemplify your artistic voice must be brought into the gallery for members to review. At least three pieces should be framed, based, or mounted as it would be shown in the gallery.

If you cannot deliver or pickup the work on the days specified in the above timeline, you must arrange a different time with the Membership Committee.

Zoom Interview

A 25 minute interview. .

  • 5 minute artist presentation: You will present and talk about your work in a way that works for you and will be able to share your screen with us and show artwork while you talk. 

  • 10–15 minutes: We ask questions (see samples below).

  • 5 minutes: You ask questions of us.

Sample Interview Questions

Originality/ Artistic Vision  
  • What are you working on right now that is exciting to you? 

  • What or who do you look to for inspiration? 

  • How did this body of work develop? 

  • How does this body of work stand apart from what is already shown by other gallery  members? 

  • How does the work shown correspond with the artist’s statement? 

Effective use of materials and approaches to composition that communicate your intent.  
  • What is your working practice like? 

  • What do you consider when developing your compositions? 

  • How does your use of materials affect your process? 

  • How do you know when your work is complete? 

Record of accomplishment, commitment to art making and showing
  • What shows or artistic achievements are you most proud of?
  • What show or artistic achievement stretched you the most? 

  • Tell us a story of an experience of showing your work.

Professional Presentation of Work  
  • How do you present your artwork in gallery settings? 

  • What would a showing of your work look like in the State of the Art Gallery?  How do you title your work? 

  • What do you consider when putting a show together? 

Understanding of member responsibilities:  
  • You have read the member benefits and responsibilities. Do you have any questions about how this cooperative gallery runs? 

  • What are you looking for in being a member of State of the Art? 

  • What committee tasks match your skills and strengths?  

  • Are there particular committee tasks that appeal to you?

  • What skills aside from your art practice could you bring to help run this cooperative  gallery? 

  • All members must have the skills necessary to take photographs of their work and manage digital image files. What programs do you use to process images of your artwork?