Works by
Peggy Ahouse, William Benson, Lisa Carlyon, Judith Cogan, Christopher Coronel, Rhea Da Costa, Cynthia Cratsley, Jian Cui, Carla Elizabeth DeMello, Travis DeMello, MM Dupay, Shannon Eustice, Tracy Finn, Faithanne Flesher, Katherine Follett, Laura Glenn, Kent Goetz, Deborah Goldstein, Alison Goodrich, Emma Gregory, David Hayduk, Sue Hertz, Marjorie Hoffman, Heidi Hooper, Kelly Houk, Linda Jaekel, Cindy Kaufman, Geraldine Keil, Denise Kooperman, Austin MacRae, Alexis Magera, Joseph Maltz, Carlton Manzano, Richard Marchant, Erika Medina, Rebecca Moshaty, Gail Norwood, Colleen O'Hara, Catharine O'Neill, Yen Ospina, Marilyn Palmer, Tatiana Patrone, Melinda Pendergast, Sam Rathbun, Jean Russ, Marie Sanderson, Emma Scales, Rosa Sclafani, Marshall Sharpe, Lee Sims, E. M. Tietjen, Norm Trigoboff, Elizabeth VanDuyne, Mina Vanechanos, Julie Waltz‑Stalker, Jennifer Wapinski‑Mooradian, Meredith Waropay, Mark Woodhouse, Teresa Yatsko, Hope Zaccagni, and Belinda Zhang.

First Prize

Austin MacRae
West Court to Cornell
Second Prize

Teresa Yatsko
Woods Home
Third Prize

Rhea Da Costa
Honorable Mention

Shannon Eustice
Still Life of a Meadow
Honorable Mention

Alison Goodrich
Library Seats View 1
Honorable Mention

Jean Russ
Creek, Morning Light

December 2023 Juried Show

The State of the Art Gallery is excited to announce the 2023 Annual December Juried Show presenting a multitude of 2-D and 3-D art in a wide variety of genres and media. This year 95 artists from nine states submitted 254 pieces, from which the jury made an extraordinary selection of 71 pieces from 61 artists.

Read the prize judge’s awards and comments.

Jaime Cone Hughes did an article about the show for Tompkins Weekly.

The show will run from November 30 until December 31, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, December 1, 5–8pm.

Peggy Ahouse

William Benson

Lisa Carlyon

Judith Cogan

Christopher Coronel

Rhea Da Costa

Cynthia Cratsley

Jian Cui

Carla Elizabeth DeMello

Travis DeMello

MM Dupay

Shannon Eustice

Tracy Finn

Faithanne Flesher

Katherine Follett

Laura Glenn

Kent Goetz

Deborah Goldstein

Alison Goodrich

Emma Gregory

David Hayduk

Sue Hertz

Marjorie Hoffman

Heidi Hooper

Kelly Houk

Linda Jaekel

Cindy Kaufman

Geraldine Keil

Denise Kooperman

Austin MacRae

Alexis Magera

Joseph Maltz

Carlton Manzano

Richard Marchant

Erika Medina

Rebecca Moshaty

Gail Norwood

Colleen O'Hara

Catharine O'Neill

Yen Ospina

Marilyn Palmer

Tatiana Patrone

Melinda Pendergast

Sam Rathbun

Jean Russ

Marie Sanderson

Emma Scales

Rosa Sclafani

Marshall Sharpe

Lee Sims

E. M. Tietjen

Norm Trigoboff

Elizabeth VanDuyne

Mina Vanechanos

Julie Waltz-Stalker

Jennifer Wapinski-Mooradian

Meredith Waropay

Mark Woodhouse

Teresa Yatsko

Hope Zaccagni

Belinda Zhang