Irina Kassabova

The idea behind my art is to emphasize the importance of music. I would like to elevate its meaning. I would like to point out that this is one of the most powerful forms of expressions. It could influence us a lot in a very powerful way. Music can transfer us to another world. Musicians playing in an orchestra often say that after a concert you are as if on a cloud and it is hard to get down, that the feeling is incomparable to anything else. Music can make you happy or sad, reasoning or feeling, it could bring all ranges of emotions. It can change your personality. After a concert you are a different person. It can make you a better one, you can have more love in you, more compassion, more gentleness and more good. Music helps you recognize beauty.

When my daughter started to play violin, I decided I will try to learn with her. And of course, this influenced my current theme about music in my art. What I was learning from my violin practice I transferred the same ideas and principles into my drawings and paintings and I did the opposite as well. As Bob Dylan says,”One good thing about music is that when it hits you are lost” and this is exactly what happened with me. I play, I draw, I paint– everything is music.

I simply want to express my love for this form of art. Classical music also has a healing effect on me. Everybody has hard moments in life and music is there to help you cope and rejuvenate. It is power for your soul. It is an endless inspiration.

In addition to that, music has a lot in common with math and science. It can be a bridge between art and science. It can open another door for discussions and connect people from different backgrounds.

I would like my art to remind people that we should do better to preserve what we have, the tradition of playing music, making art, making instruments and the instruments themselves. We should keep the level of professionalism and always try to get better in these forms of art.