Works by
Paula Di Santo Bensadoun, Barbara Behrmann, Mary Ann Bowman, Ed Brothers, Patricia Brown and Eva Capobianco, Eva M. Capobianco, Christine Chin , Jane Dennis, Linda Fazzary, Annemiek Haralson, Dede Hatch, Patricia Hunsinger, Geri Peterson Joseph, Vincent Joseph , Ileen Kaplan, Irina Kassabova, Susan C. Larkin, Harry Littell, Michael Maxwell, Daniel McPheeters, Katrina Morse, Margaret C. Nelson, Timothy Nelson‑Hoy, Catharine O'Neill, Diana Ozolins, Patty L Porter, Nancy V Ridenour, Elise Ann Skalwold, Carol Spence, Ivy Stevens‑Gupta, Zoe Vassiliou, Ethel Vrana, and David Watkins Jr.

Seeing Ithaca

The State of the Art Gallery announces Seeing Ithaca: Through the Eyes of Artists,
a themed exhibit promoting our beautiful, diverse city and the artists who love it. For the entire month of August, SOAG, in collaboration with nine local galleries, will feature unique interpretations of Ithaca and environs in a wide variety of media.

Participating galleries include SOAG, CAP Art Space, The Cherry Gallery, CSMA, The Corners Gallery, The Gallery at South Hill, The Ink Shop, The Mink Gallery, MIX Art Gallery, and The Rest Gallery. Visit the web site for additional information.

The show will run August 3–27, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, August 4, 5–8pm.

Timothy Nelson-Hoy • Ave Maris Stella • Hand calligraphy, ink on paper • NFS
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Paula Di Santo Bensadoun

Barbara Behrmann

Mary Ann Bowman

Ed Brothers

Patricia Brown and Eva Capobianco

Patricia Brown and Eva Capobianco • <em>Singing Ithaca: A Renewed America</em> • Mixed media • 15″×22″ • $350.00
Singing Ithaca: A Renewed America
Proceeds donated to the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers
Patricia Brown and Eva Capobianco • <em>Singing Ithaca: Good Trouble</em> • Mixed media • 15″×17″ • $325.00
Singing Ithaca: Good Trouble
Proceeds donated to the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers

Eva M. Capobianco

Christine Chin 

Christine Chin  • <em>Black Swallow-wort <rm-font>(Vincetoxicum nigrum)</rm-font></em> • Cyanotype from original specimen • 30″×66″ • $600.00
Black Swallow-wort (Vincetoxicum nigrum)
Invasive Species Cyanotype
Christine Chin  • <em>Common Milkweed <rm-font>(Asclepias syriaca)</rm-font></em> • Cyanotype from original specimen (rescued from designated mowing area) • 30″×44″ • $400.00
Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)
Invasive Species Cyanotype

Jane Dennis

Linda Fazzary

This is a portrait of myself and my child. It is dedicated to my child, my daughter Lorna who was born at the old Tompkins hospital, went to school at South Hill Elementary and graduated from the Ithaca Alternative School. Ithaca is not just beautiful scenery but also beautiful people who live here and have lived here.

Annemiek Haralson

Dede Hatch

I go on walks in the Fall Creek neighborhood, and something catches my eye, and it feels like it could be a still from a movie or a TV show. Sometimes drama, sometimes comedy, always interesting to me. Little slices of life—parts of greater stories that are playing out all around us—taken between 2018 and 2020. They vary in perspective and design but they are always photographed from the sidewalk.

Patricia Hunsinger

Geri Peterson Joseph

My idea for this artwork was to honor Ithaca as the home of a large, vibrant Tibetan community as well as the location of the original “American Brahman Bookstore.” I began this artwork with a sketch I had made on the grounds of Wisdom’s Goldenrod of the Buddhist Bodhisattva/Goddess of Compassion and photos of the Namgyal Monastery (including a mandala), Buddhist prayer flags, Cayuga Lake and the American Brahman Bookstore.

Vincent Joseph

Ileen Kaplan

Irina Kassabova

Susan C. Larkin

Harry Littell

Michael Maxwell

Daniel McPheeters

Katrina Morse

Margaret C. Nelson

My crew of installation cats is hanging some of my own art with special meaning for me: a new turn in my artistic path, a special favorite, or actually sold to a gallery visitor who came, saw, and liked... while seeing Ithaca! As for the cats: I believe artists (including me) are rather like cats: following their own creative paths…wandering off into their own mysterious worlds…emerging with a treasure—(a mouse, perhaps)—or a new perspective.

Timothy Nelson-Hoy

I study medieval calligraphy and its culture. These videos reflect my attempt to re-copy the Seven Penitential Psalms from a 15th century manuscript. I lettered in the original style, but translated into modern English. I sing a setting of Psalm 51 (Miserere Mei) in one of the modular melodies used to chant the psalms from the Early Medieval period onwards.

Catharine O'Neill

Diana Ozolins

Patty L Porter

Nancy V Ridenour

Elise Ann Skalwold

I fell in love with Ithaca, so similar to my familial Viking-steeped region of Vestfold, Norway—the green forests, the fjord-like Cayuga Lake, and the deep gorges. My work on Viking navigation and family history finds expression in my Vinland—Vestfold Series, which combines photography with printmaking, here using wild grapevines from my woods and the ravens native to both countries, pairs of which nest in my trees.

Carol Spence

Ivy Stevens-Gupta

Zoe Vassiliou

Ethel Vrana

David Watkins Jr

As a landscape photographer, the show title and prompt, Seeing Ithaca, could not be explored without acknowledging the presence and value of water to our city and the region.