Newton and Porter

Luminous Worlds

Work by Ileen Kaplan and Carol Ast

  Carol writes: “Luminous Worlds”  – what latitude that gives me, what ideas it stimulates!  From the very literal interpretation of light and the infinite qualities it bestows, to “light” as understanding resulting from vision.  While most of my paintings in this exhibition portray the former, a few – the buildings – hopefully will foster an understanding of their inherent value as functional and esthetic icons of the past.

From Ileen: In “Luminous Worlds” I am exploring my feelings and reactions to the world around me using abstraction in ways that I have not tried before. Playing with painted and torn paper, collage, printmaking tools, pastels, graphite and oils  has opened my imagination up to new ways of looking at the world and expressing my own inner landscape.

State of the Art Gallery Raffle in Full Swing!

Tickets, $10 each, may be purchased for any particular piece of art, and $2 of every ticket will go to the Community Foundation. In celebration of its connection to the community,  SOAG is partnering with the Community Foundation of Tompkins County in our fundraising raffle.  20% of the money raised will go to the Community Foundation to support its philanthropic work.Tickets are available at the Gallery (120 W. State Street) and the art work will be available for viewing at the gallery starting in September and via photos online at  The drawing will take place at the gallery on November 3, First Friday Gallery Night.

In celebrating 28 successful years as a cooperative gallery in Ithaca, SOAG members see this fundraising partnership as an opportunity not only to raise money for gallery repairs, but to join with the Community Foundation to encourage philanthropy in the community.

Message from Community Foundation



Time and Motion


The Joys-and Challenges- of Abstraction

Sunday, April 23
2:00 pm
Join artists Barbara Mink and Patty Brown to discuss their work, technique, and the show’s theme of Time and Motion.

Art in Tompkins County: Then and Now II


Gallery artists open the new year with art that reflects Ithaca’s past and present. State of the Art will celebrate Tompkins County Bicentennial with half of our artists having shown their work in January, and the other half in February.

This month’s artists: Eva Capobianco, Gurdon Brewster, Daniel McPheeters, Jane Dennis, Janet Sherman, Margaret Reed, Margy Nelson , Shirley Hogg , Erin Deneuville , Barbara Mink , Patty Porter , Connie Zehr , Stan Bowman, Mary Ann Bowman


Never Before Seen at SOAG: An Invitational Show


The exhibition this month comes from a new twist on an invitational: gallery members invited artists who have NEVER shown at State of the Art before.

The resulting group of guest artists come from many disciplines and locations. Some are friends, known for just a few years or for decades. Others are family members. Some are local artists. Others live as far away as California and even the south of France! One member invited her college mentor; another, his young granddaughter. Some members chose to show their own work along with their guest. A few are even doing collaborative work along with their colleagues. But almost half of the participating SOAG members chose to give the whole of their allocated space to their invitees.

The show will include work from virtually every artistic discipline: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, computer generated works, and more!

Show dates are June 1- 26, 2016. There will be an artists’ reception on Friday, June 3, from 5-8pm.





May Members’ Show



Gallery members show paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, sculpture, collage, mixed media and more in both galleries May 4-29, 2016.
Reception, Friday, May 6, Gallery Night in downtown Ithaca


Lyric Visions II: Artists Respond to Poetry




Becoming a Member of the State of the Art Gallery

                          For more info contact

SOAG gallery members:

  • Show artwork in the main gallery space once every two years in a shared show or a once every four years in a solo show.
  • Show individual artwork in the Salon or group shows at least eight times a year.
  • Collaborate with a creative group of local artists to promote visual arts sales in Ithaca
  • Benefit from the support of fellow artist members
  • Staff the gallery each month for 5-6 hours, and sign up for gallery cleaning once a year.
  • Attend gallery openings and special events.
  • Pay annual membership dues (currently $355 annually), 10% commission to gallery for artwork sold, and exhibition fees.
  • Attend monthly membership meetings.
  • Participate in running the gallery by working on at least one committee including membership, reception, installation, publicity, internship, technical support, special events, gallery operations and/or marketing.

What is SOAG looking for in selecting new artist members?

  • Original vision
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Record of creative accomplishment
  • Presentation of work
  • Commitment to the cooperative vision of the gallery


SOAG Membership Application Process

The gallery maintains a membership roster of 30 members.  Applications for membership are reviewed once a year in early spring, when vacancies are available. This year there are openings for up to four new artist members.  Applications are due by March 1, 2016.  Upon review, applicants will be invited for portfolio presentation and interview in April. You will bring 8-12 pieces of actual work, along with the aforementioned portfolio.  Bring finished artwork that is framed, wired, and ready to hang. Members will ask questions about your technique, method, and motivations; and what skills you would bring to help run the gallery. You can ask us questions about the gallery, tell us why you’re interested in being a member, and any additional information that you would like us to know about you. Final determination of new members will be made in May 2016 by a vote of the membership.

Applicants submit:

  • 12 – 20 digital images with list of works including title, medium, size and date for each image.
  • Resume, record of exhibitions
  • artist statement
  • Email all application materials to: