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Works by
Robin Adams, A K Anderson, Sylvia Bailey, William Benson, Sarah Blitz, Jean Burlingame, Michael Busch, Judith Campanaro, Marcy Chevali, Victoria Connors, Cynthia Cratsley, Patty Dawson‑Elli, Cheryl Eggleston, Linda Fazzary, Tracy Finn, Andrew Fitzsimmons, Kate Follett, Robert Glisson, Kent Goetz, Lana Grauer, Gale Halpern, Rachel Hancock, David Hayduk, Marjorie Hoffman, Heidi Hooper, Diane Janowski, Judy Jensvold, Muhamed Kafedzic‑Muha, Leo Kang, Kathleen Kathan, Cindy Ann Kaufman, Denise Kooperman, Benjamin Lander, Delaney Lemberg, Jamie Lowes, Lotus Mae, Amy Maltzan, Richard Marchant, Geena Massaro, Rebecca Moshaty, Catharine O'Neill, Mesoma Onyeagba, Yen Ospina, Jason Rivard, Katherine Rockefeller, Marie Sanderson, Lee Sims, Laura Jaen Smith, Shauna Stiles, Kellie Swensen, D Dargan Teska, Jacob Van Langeveld, Sam Vann, Julie Waltz‑Stalker, Susan Weisend, Todd Wolfe, Diane Woodhouse, and Hope Zaccagni.

First Prize

Hope Zaccagni
First Prize

Hope Zaccagni
Second Prize

Geena Massaro
Scottie Sleeping
Third Prize

Sam Vann
Sedona Whilrpool
Honorable Mention

D Dargan Teska
After the Deluge
Honorable Mention

Richard Marchant
Honorable Mention

Robert Glisson
Summer Sun
Honorable Mention

Andrew Fitzsimmons
Cernunnos: Summer

December 2022 Juried Show

The State of the Art Gallery is excited to announce the 2022 Annual December Juried Show presenting a multitude of 2D and 3D art in a wide variety of genres and media. This year 83 artworks were accepted from 58 artists in 7 states. Work will be viewable at the gallery and online.

The show will run from December 1, 2022 until January 1, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, December 2, 5–8pm.

Read the judges’ comments.

Robin Adams

A K Anderson

Sylvia Bailey

William Benson

Sarah Blitz

Jean Burlingame

Michael Busch

Judith Campanaro

Marcy Chevali

Victoria Connors

Cynthia Cratsley

Patty Dawson-Elli

Cheryl Eggleston

Linda Fazzary

Tracy Finn

Andrew Fitzsimmons

Kate Follett

Robert Glisson

Kent Goetz

Lana Grauer

Gale Halpern

Rachel Hancock

David Hayduk

Marjorie Hoffman

Heidi Hooper

Diane Janowski

Judy Jensvold

Muhamed Kafedzic-Muha

Leo Kang

Kathleen Kathan

Cindy Ann Kaufman

Denise Kooperman

Benjamin Lander

Delaney Lemberg

Jamie Lowes

Lotus Mae

Amy Maltzan

Richard Marchant

Geena Massaro

Rebecca Moshaty

Catharine O'Neill

Mesoma Onyeagba

Yen Ospina

Jason Rivard

Katherine Rockefeller

Marie Sanderson

Lee Sims

Laura Jaen Smith

Shauna Stiles

Kellie Swensen

D Dargan Teska

Jacob Van Langeveld

Sam Vann

Julie Waltz-Stalker

Susan Weisend

Todd Wolfe

Diane Woodhouse

Hope Zaccagni