Works by
Barbara Behrmann, Mary Ann Bowman, Ed Brothers, Christine Chin, Jane Dennis, Annemiek Haralson , Jay Hart, Susan C. Larkin, Margaret Nelson, Nancy V. Ridenour, Ethel Vrana, David Watkins Jr, and Hsiao‑Pei Yang.

The Alchemy of Art

Thirteen member artists of the State of the Art Gallery present The Alchemy of Art, an exhibit celebrating the magical transformation, creation, and combination involved in the artmaking process. Media include painting, fiber art, photography, and sculpture.

The show will run February 2–26, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, February 3, 5–8pm.

Barbara Behrmann

Mary Ann Bowman

One of the definitions of Alchemy is the transformation of base metals into gold. The gold in this case is the growing perception the viewer may experience of fun, smiles, even laughter. Enjoy the gold.

Ed Brothers

The word “alchemy”, in it’s most common and general usage refers to a transformation of some thing or substance into another of greater value, beauty, etc. The transformation often appears to be mystical in nature and include wizardry. In the pieces I have chosen to exhibit, a magical transformation of rocks and stones occurs.

Christine Chin

Jane Dennis

Annemiek Haralson 

Jay Hart

Susan C. Larkin

I have studied photography at Tompkins County Community College for many years. This past fall our class took field trips organized by our teacher, Harry Littell. My goal for the semester was to make a collection of photographers’ portraits.

Margaret Nelson

Nancy V. Ridenour

Ethel Vrana

David Watkins Jr

Hsiao-Pei Yang