Works by
Patricia Brown, Eva M. Capobianco, Patricia Hunsinger, Vincent Joseph, Ileen Kaplan, Irina Kassabova, Harry Littell, Daniel McPheeters, Katrina Morse, Diana Ozolins, Patty L Porter, Carol Spence, and Connie Zehr.

Looking Forward Looking Back

The State of the Art Gallery is pleased to usher in the new year with Looking Forward Looking Back, an exhibit featuring artworks from 13 member artists. Media include drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture.

The show will run from January 5 until January 29, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, January 6, 5–8pm.

Patricia Brown

Eva M. Capobianco

Patricia Hunsinger

Vincent Joseph

Ileen Kaplan

Irina Kassabova

Harry Littell

Daniel McPheeters

Looking back years ago I lived in Canada. While there I became familiar with a group of artists known as the Group of Seven. Their goal was to develop a uniquely Canadian artistic style. They used bold strokes and colors to express the Canadian wilderness.

Looking forward, after a recent 5000 mile road trip through the Canadian Maritimes, I remembered my fascination with their artworks. The incredible wild scenery inspired me to create these works as an homage to the Group of Seven.

Katrina Morse

Diana Ozolins

Patty L Porter

Carol Spence

Connie Zehr