Works by
Mary Ann Bowman, Ed Brothers, Eva M. Capobianco, Christine Chin, Don Ellis, Frances Fawcett, Jay Hart, Patricia Hunsinger, Vince Joseph, Ileen Kaplan, Susan C. Larkin, Harry Littell, Daniel McPheeters, Patty L Porter, Nancy Ridenour, Carol Spence, Ethel Vrana, and David Watkins Jr.

May 2022 Salon

The show will run May 5–29, 2022, with an opening reception on Friday, May 6, 5⁠–⁠8pm

Mary Ann Bowman

Ed Brothers

Ed Brothers • <em>Blue Rocks (for Ukraine)</em> • Oil pastel • 16″×13″ • $850.00
Blue Rocks (for Ukraine)
50% of the proceeds from the sale of this will be donated to World Central Kitchen

Eva M. Capobianco

Christine Chin

Don Ellis

Frances Fawcett

Jay Hart

Patricia Hunsinger

Vince Joseph

Ileen Kaplan

Susan C. Larkin

Susan C. Larkin • <em>Robbie</em> • Archival digital print • 20″×16″ • $130.00
All the proceeds from the sale of this picture will go for the Robbie Bickford Memorial Bench.

Harry Littell

Daniel McPheeters

Patty L Porter

Nancy Ridenour

Carol Spence

Ethel Vrana

David Watkins Jr