Works by
Vincent Joseph and Carol Spence.

Interior / Exterior

For its May exhibition, the State of the Art Gallery presents Interior / Exterior, new paintings by Carol Spence and Vincent Joseph. Spence and Joseph explore color, space, and textures through the elements of landscape and figure, both abstract and representational.

The show will run from May 2 until June 2, 2024. There will be an opening reception Friday, May 3, 5–8pm.

Vincent Joseph

My paintings explore the link between imagination and nature. By simply looking and then translating the experience into a painterly metaphor, the paintings make a connection between painter and environment. The hope, always mixed with doubt, is that something reflective, poetic and even moral is expressed about our being in the world.

Carol Spence

My subject matter has generally centered around the human form in varying contexts and incarnations. My background as a printmaker informs my use of layers and structure, yet I allow the process to move and evolve the work as it is constructed. Loose and textured painterly marks exist alongside more precise detail.

I am fascinated by the human condition and have always strived to translate the metaphysical complexities of being human through my mixed media paintings. I believe it is for the viewer to decide what they are looking at and conjure their own narrative and feelings.