Works by
Mary Ann Bowman, Ed Brothers, Patricia Brown, Eva M. Capobianco, Christine Chin, Frances Fawcett, Annemiek Haralson, Jay Hart, Vincent Joseph, Ileen Kaplan, Irina Kassabova, Susan C. Larkin, Harry Littell, Daniel McPheeters, Katrina Morse, Margy Nelson, Diana Ozolins , Patty L Porter, Nancy Ridenour, Carol Spence, Ethel Vrana, David Watkins Jr, and Connie Zehr.


For the month of October, State of the Art Gallery artists fill the Salon with Vessels. From the Latin vascellum, a small vase or urn, vessel has come to mean so much more, including a nautical craft, a tube that conveys blood, or a person who embodies spirit or influence. SOAG artists present many possibilities.

The show will run October 6–30, 2022, with an opening reception on Friday, October 7, 5–8pm.

Mary Ann Bowman

Ed Brothers

Patricia Brown

Eva M. Capobianco

Christine Chin

Frances Fawcett

Annemiek Haralson

Jay Hart

Vincent Joseph

Ileen Kaplan

Irina Kassabova

Susan C. Larkin

Harry Littell

Daniel McPheeters

Katrina Morse

Margy Nelson

Diana Ozolins 

Patty L Porter

Nancy Ridenour

Carol Spence

Ethel Vrana

David Watkins Jr

Connie Zehr