Saundra Goodman


Saundra Elizabeth Goodman

Why Crochet?

The act of creating a piece of cloth from strands of thread is a fascinating journey for me.  I love that I can create pictures and tell stories, thereby giving “voice” to the stitches that we find in many of the everyday garments that we wear.  I also like that I can quantify my work.  For example, in “My Colorful City” there are 91 rows and 254 columns of work, which means there are 23,114 stitches in that piece! I’m not obsessed with math, but I think that’s kind of cool. Over the span of years that I’ve been crocheting, I’ve crocheted BILLIONS OF STITCHES!

My goal is to express through crochet what inspires me in life: people, bustling activity, color!  My approach is a little unconventional. While I rarely sketch what I’m going to crochet, I do have a solidified picture in my mind that I hold on to until I’ve completed the piece. Sometimes I’ll meditate on an idea for weeks, months or even years, working out every detail in my mind until at last, I can sit down and actually crochet it as I envision it. This process presents a unique but thoroughly enjoyable challenge.

As a member of State of the Art Gallery, I look forward to the opportunity to push boundaries, experiment with nontraditional materials and bring greater depth to my crochet visual art.

I do accept commissions and I can be contacted through my website:

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Sculpted Stitch Series: Loop

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My Colorful City

Girl Standing in a Field of Flowers