Catharine O’Neill

Yellow Teapot by Catherine O'Neil

For many years in different ways, I have been making art. In summers during my high school and university years, I studied at art schools. While in graduate school and for a decade after, I wrote and drew magazine and newspaper cartoons. Later and for many years, I drew and painted in colour while writing […]

Keith Millman

Adrift14 by Keith Millman

I keep asking, “What else can the camera do?” in the service of exploring relationships and landscapes, two themes persisting though forty-five years of making pictures.

Deborah Goldstein

Fall Splendor At Lleroc Pl by Deborah Goldstein

I primarily work in oil and pastel. My passion is both landscape and urban landscape paintings, where I focus on historical architecture. My work is a combination of studio and plein air pieces. I spend much of my summer outdoors, where you can capture dramatic lighting and atmospheric effects. My work forms a visual log of my hiking and travels to remote locations.

Austin MacRae

Morning Sketch by Austin MacRae

I create representational paintings that focus on the poetry in the everyday—a trodden pasture, a crooked tree, or a sunlit power line. I’m particularly interested in the properties of light, both natural and artificial, and often explore scenes where the two are in competition with or compliment each other.

Brenda Bluestone

Peeled Orange  by Brenda Bluestone

The subjects of my paintings are humble, and sometimes odd: produce, flowers, thrift shop finds, rocks, toys, etc. Arrangements of these objects provide a structure for studies of light and shadow, texture, form, color and mood. A successful painting becomes more than the sum of its parts, inviting viewers to take a longer look and hopefully, to see beauty or even humor in these ordinary objects.

Cindy Kaufman

Meadow Sun by Cindy Kaufman

I recently made the leap of focusing on art in August, 2023 and have been extremely happy with my growth and the feedback from colleagues and friends Currently I am combining my time as a full-time artist and an interior architect.. I believe these two endeavors are complimentary and I leverage my skillset for both endeavors.