29th Annual Photo Show


March 2018

Congratulations to the prize winners of the 34th annual juried photo show!
Top row L – R: Faith George, Anne Dunford, Mauro Marinelli.

Center row L -R: George Underwood, Joe Ziolkowski, Ron Faris.

Bottom row L – R: Jade Cardichon, Jari Poulin, Mark Larsen.

Inner Worlds/Outer Worlds – Two Views

Painting and sculpture by Jane Dennis and Diana Ozolins

Dennis’ metaphorical paintings and sculptures explore the psychological and bureaucratic structures that people create to order or disorder their world, while Ozolins’ realistic paintings celebrate the beauty and wonder of our natural world.

April 2018

Juried Show 2017


First Prize – Teresa Bakota Yatsko
Second Prize – Marilyn Markech
Third Prize – Diane Janowski
Fourth Prize – Meyer Stolov
Honorable Mention – Carol Spence
Honorable Mention – Abigail Latham
Honorable Mention – Kathy Armstrong
Honorable Mention – Rob McKenzie
People’s Choice – Deborah Begley

Roots – Real and Remembered: Solo exhibition from Eva Capobianco

May 2018

Roots – Real and Remembered,” a show of sculpture and cross-stitched work by Eva M. Capobianco, will be held at State of the Art Gallery during May. The “real” roots in her work, Ms. Capobianco says, have been found on trails and roads near her home and beyond and they are combined with re-used bits of old furniture, glass and other objects collected over time. This series is a continuation of themes she has explored for years.

The “remembered” roots are memories from her childhood and youth, a new autobiographical series, stitched into both words and images. Not every piece in the show contains a root, she says, but this is the dominant connecting element in both series.

Take Ten

Wed, Jan 2, 2019 Sun, Jan 27, 2019

The January show features ten gallery members: Frances Fawcett, Jan Kather, Harry Littell, Diane Newton, Diana Ozolins, Janet Sherman, Connie Zehr, Mary Ann Bowman, Stan Bowman and Marian Van Soest. 

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