Jane Dennis



(607) 272–5321

A painting or mixed media sculpture begins when I find a story I want to tell. My “characters” are in a situation involving the unexpected, or perhaps the familiar made strange. My subjects are politics, money, immigration and our environment; I look for what is or what might be. The story I’m seeking to capture often leads me into mixed media technical problems which I love to solve. I want awkward, human solutions; I might sew, wire or nail elements of a piece together. I use recycled materials when possible because they have their own stories. An oddly shaped wood scrap from another project, or metal once part of a roof inspires me toward what I would not have thought of without them. The magic of color came to me as a very young child, therefore I paint my 3d pieces, and create more problems to solve. Art is where I travel to parts unknown and find the satisfaction of seeing beyond my imagination.