Works by
Kris Altucher, Muhammad Arif, Mark Avery, Dick Beery, Mary Brink, Leo Brissette, David Brown, Robert Buchanan, Gwen Bullock, James Burlitch, Ann Cady, Jeanne Cameron, Robin Fisher Cisne, HM Cook, Marie Costanza, Cynthia Cratsley, Coleen Foley, Crystal Van Gaasbeck, Earle Gillis, Audrey Hamilton, Nellie Hari, Jim Harper, Barbara Harrison, Libby Hedrick, Ray Helmke, Kelly Houk, Lifu Hu, Kevin Ingerson, Charlie Inzinna, Jon M Jensen, Allison Keefe, Eugene Kolomatsky, Mark Larsen, David LoParco, Dorothy Lovelace, Michael Ludgate, Lotus Mae, Olivia Marie, Ryan Mccarty, Nicolas McMurry, Laura Mead, Donald Menges, Kathy Morris, Diane Newton, Barry Perlus, Luann Pero, Rachel Philipson, Jari Poulin, Kathleen Rasmussen, Jennifer Byrd Rubacky, Laurie Schutt, Lee Sims, Sheryl Sinkow, Christine Stockwell, Theo Tuori, Eizo Uchigasaki, Zach Ulibarri, Dove Williams, Alicia Wittink, Thijs Wittink, and Linda Wyatt.

35th Annual Juried Photography Show

June 6th opens the 35th Annual Juried Photography Show at the State of the Art Gallery. This year’s show attracted 61 entries from all over New York state.  The jury reviewed 210 images and selected 83 for the show. The exhibit includes landscapes, portraits, abstract, and traditional photography.

The show will run from June 6–29, 2024. There will be an opening reception Friday, June 7, 5–8pm.

Kris Altucher

Muhammad Arif

Mark Avery

Dick Beery

Mary Brink

Leo Brissette

David Brown

Robert Buchanan

Gwen Bullock

James Burlitch

Ann Cady

Jeanne Cameron

Robin Fisher Cisne

HM Cook

Marie Costanza

Cynthia Cratsley

Coleen Foley

Crystal Van Gaasbeck

Earle Gillis

Audrey Hamilton

Nellie Hari

Jim Harper

Barbara Harrison

Libby Hedrick

Ray Helmke

Kelly Houk

Lifu Hu

Kevin Ingerson

Charlie Inzinna

Jon M Jensen

Allison Keefe

Eugene Kolomatsky

Mark Larsen

David LoParco

Dorothy Lovelace

Michael Ludgate

Lotus Mae

Olivia Marie

Ryan Mccarty

Nicolas McMurry

Laura Mead

Donald Menges

Kathy Morris

Diane Newton

Barry Perlus

Luann Pero

Rachel Philipson

Jari Poulin

Kathleen Rasmussen

Jennifer Byrd Rubacky

Laurie Schutt

Lee Sims

Sheryl Sinkow

Christine Stockwell

Theo Tuori

Eizo Uchigasaki

Zach Ulibarri

Dove Williams

Alicia Wittink

Thijs Wittink

Linda Wyatt