Works by
Carla Elizabeth DeMello, Margy Nelson, and Diana Ozolins.

Wings, Petals, and Leaves

Margy Nelson, Carla DeMello, and Diana Ozolins capture observations of nature in paintings, digital prints, photographs, and paper sculptures. Take a deep dive into their visions of the local landscape, the natural world, and the creatures that inhabit it. May 5–29, 2022. Opening reception Friday, May 6, 5–8pm.

Carla Elizabeth DeMello

I am a lifelong artist and have lived in Ithaca, New York for more than 30 years. I moved here in the early 90s from a crafts collective where I was a potter, graphic designer, cook, and an illustrator. Read more…

Margy Nelson

Four years ago I took a few photos of the goldenrod plants growing along our driveway, and noticed that they were positively crawling and buzzing with insects. Read more…

Diana Ozolins

The paintings in this exhibit depict some of the beautiful places that I spent time in during the summer and fall of 2021. It was a hot summer, and several of these paintings were done on my deck with a tarp for shade and a cooling fan, where I could dash into the house to cool off and keep hydrated with cold drinks. Read more…