Nancy Ridenour



346 Warren Road
Ithaca, NY 14850


I am a digital photographer with a variety of interests. I enjoy photographing flowers in my gardens, Florida birds, cement sculptures in the Cornell Arboretum, New York City buildings and people, relics from my past, zoo animals, and raptors. I have enjoyed photographing bridges and architecture in Manhattan and transposing them into abstract interpretations of the originals.

For the November SOAG Gallery show, I developed a new portfolio. Having spent five years working in Asia, I have collected many artifacts that decorate my home. In addition to these artifacts, I have several copper tubing sculptures that I constructed for my home and gardens. For this exhibit I combined my artifacts and sculptures with flowers growing in my gardens—starting in May with peonies in bloom and ending in October with colorful dahlias. They were photographed against a black background, using ambient light and fresh flowers.

The artifacts came from China, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Korea, Thailand, and Laos. Most of my copper sculptures are abstract renderings of sculptures I have seen elsewhere. The large ones are a combination of flexible copper tubing, copper pipes, and cement bases. The large sculpture, Expecting was burnished with a propane torch to achieve the colors.

There is a flower wall in the gallery with macro images of flowers. All the images in the gallery were professionally printed on canvas and mounted for hanging.