Works by
Mary Ann Bowman, Patricia Brown, Eva M. Capobianco, Christine Chin, Jane Dennis, Linda Fazzary, Annemiek Haralson, Vince Joseph, Ileen Kaplan, Irina Kassabova, Susan C. Larkin, Harry Littell, Daniel McPheeters, Katrina Morse, Margaret Nelson, Diana Ozolins, Patty L Porter, Nancy Ridenour, Carol Spence , Ethel Vrana, David Watkins Jr, and Hsiao‑Pei Yang.


November members’ show.

The show will run from November 2, 2023 until November 26, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, November 3, 5–8pm.

Mary Ann Bowman

Patricia Brown

Eva M. Capobianco

Christine Chin

In honor of the hARTvest exhibition, these photographs celebrate Ithaca landmarks on a lovely autumn day. On Friday the 13th of October 2023, I took a walk with my Nikon FE loaded with a roll of black and white film. I took the roll back to the darkroom, developed the film and printed my favorite shots. These photos have all the grainy nostalgia of 35mm film enlarged onto paper coated with silver halides embedded in gelatin.

Jane Dennis

Linda Fazzary

Annemiek Haralson

Vince Joseph

Ileen Kaplan

Irina Kassabova

Susan C. Larkin

Harry Littell

Daniel McPheeters

Katrina Morse

Margaret Nelson

Diana Ozolins

Patty L Porter

Nancy Ridenour

Carol Spence 

Ethel Vrana

David Watkins Jr

Hsiao-Pei Yang