Works by
Christine Chin and Irina Kassabova.

Chin and Kassabova

This is a parallel exhibition of member artists Christine Chin and Irina Kassabova.

Christine Chin is exhibiting work from Heaven and Hurricanes: Misplaced Species and Severe Storms. Using various media including cyanotype prints, fiber sculpture and animation she documents invasive species in the finger lakes, including the tree of heaven and the spotted lanternfly, and the last four years of North Atlantic tropical storms.

Irina Kassabova is showing works that encompass several years of Exploration of her Impressions of Music in charcoal and pastel.

The show will run from October 5, 2023 until October 29, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, October 6, 5–8pm.

Christine Chin

Heaven and Hurricanes:
Misplaced Species and Severe Storms

Irina Kassabova

Explorations of Impressions of Music

My exhibition is a sort of retrospect of my art, since I started making works on music themes more than ten years ago. It is one exploration of my variations of moods and feelings invoked by music, specifically classical music. They also mix with my other life experiences, sometimes more dramatic and difficult to accept that they really happened. They also draw me to listen, play, perform, completely dive in everything connected with music and reflect it in my visual art.