Sheryl D. Sinkow


Sheryl D. Sinkow

My challenge in making photographs has always been to incorporate a sense of movement with the stillness of the medium.  My personal work ranges from social landscapes and intimate portraiture to capturing the natural beauty of geological landscapes in my travels.  I love to make photographs which enable me to recreate a feeling, share an experience, make a connection or all of the above. The opportunity to be part of another culture (however brief), to attempt to understand differences and similarities and how they relate to my own life, has been a driving force. My early studies in anthropology taught me how to be a “participant observer” and learning how to use the camera further enhanced my ability to “see” and share.

I print my own images up to a certain size on fine art paper. Prints are also available on metal, canvas, etc.
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Passing By

Remembering Sudan

Carousel Aix-en-Provence

look away


Watching You

Woman in Green

Matemwe Sunrise

pure joy

Havana Blue

Children of Africa

Five out of Seven: State of the Art Gallery Solo Show, September 2016

Four Years ago, right after I had my last solo show at State of the Art Gallery, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Needless to say it was quite a shock especially since 4 months prior to the show I had hiked the rigorous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, explored some of the Galapagos Islands and traveled down the Peruvian Amazon. Time passes and luckily I healed although the chemo and the medical expenses were far tougher than that trek into the Andes.

I had a much different idea for this exhibit however…”the best laid plans.” The images I had planned to make will happen another time. I was in a quandary as to what to show. It was my good friend Diane who had a brilliant idea ~ yes, that’s her on “the phone” telling me the idea. Seriously, though, as Diane suggested, I looked back on some of my work from 5 of the 7 continents I have traveled to and I began to see common themes. Some of them are incorporated within 5 out of 7. Some of the images have never been shown before. The highlight of this current year was having the honor to photograph the image for Ithaca is Love. I’m particularly pleased to show the image because of the powerful feeling and unity that was created at the moment the image was formed. The other images suggest that we are not so very different from one another and in these troubling times, it is important to see and feel that we are all connected.


Bend Like the Willow: Solo Exhibition at SOAG, July 2012

Art/Soul/Africa: A Photographer’s Journey, Museum of the Earth, October 2006