Works by
Annemiek Haralson and Hsiao‑Pei Yang.

Impressions and Reflections of Nature

This will be our second New Member Show for 2023.

Whether walking in the woods, sitting by the lake, or watching a sunset, spending time in nature can be uplifting, meditative, and inspirational. New members Annemiek Haralson and Hsiao-Pei Yang seek to capture these moments, exploring their impressions of nature and reflecting their perceptions in their paintings.

The show will run July 6–30, 2023. There will be an opening reception Friday, July 7, 5–8pm.

Annemiek Haralson

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me. A drive through the countryside or a walk in the woods will fill my head with ideas for paintings. I often paint outdoors (plein air), finding that being in the actual environment helps me feel more connected to the painting. There is nothing like looking at the same landscape for hours to truly notice things. The light changes quickly, and I try to capture what caught my eye to begin with. These works are a collection of plein air and studio paintings.

Hsiao-Pei Yang

During the pandemic, I found the joy and power of plein air painting as a way of self-exploration and meditation, a way to rethink our relationship to the world and to the natural environment. Through painting vigorously and frequently in an outdoor setting, I became more poetic in capturing the moment of impressions and painted the reflections of my mind onto the canvas.