Annemiek Haralson


(607) 273–0419

I can’t remember a time when I was not sketching or drawing. Creating something on a blank piece of paper was always irresistible to me while growing up. A few years ago my mom brought over a huge pile of art work I had done as a kid. I had forgotten all about how prolific I was! It showed me I had always had it in me to express my view of the world through art.

While in high school I briefly thought about going to art school, but that little voice in my head was getting in the way, telling me I would never be good enough at it. I went to nursing school instead, which has been a beautiful career. Art kept tugging on me though. A workshop in watercolor long ago made me fall in love with that medium. Between my nursing career, going back to school, and raising kids I took the occasional class or workshop and painted intermittently. Then I took a college class in drawing and completely lost my heart to art. I felt like this is what I was meant to do. My teacher was very encouraging, even said to show my work. I did, and things have just taken off from there. In addition I found a great mentor who taught me a lot. I feel like I have only begun to scratch the surface of what there is to know. I approach every painting as a learning experience, and look forward to exploring more.

Most of my life I’ve been working in graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, and watercolor. In 2016 I started working in oils, and that has become my new love. I enjoy painting outdoors, finding that being in the actual environment has helped me feel more connected to the painting. Often these outdoor paintings will lead to a larger studio piece.

Nature is what inspires me. A drive through the country side or a walk in the woods will fill my head with ideas for paintings. Shapes, textures and light fascinate me. Nature is an endless source of inspiration, and through my work I hope to convey my love for nature to others.

It makes me happy when other people are touched by my work. The urge to create is always there, and bringing joy to others is an added bonus for me. It is very humbling to know that people can get an emotional connection to something I put on a blank piece of canvas!