Linda Fazzary

I see myself in the role of storyteller, using mixed media to illustrate intertwining relationships between people, nature, history, and mythological icons. I like to design theater-like stages that are layered with characters and costumes and architecture which will tell you a timeless tale.

My artwork is inspired by life’s beauty, its power and its mystery. I love creating lyrical allegorical mixed media paintings. Weaving them like a tapestry with many layers of textures, patterns, collage, writing, symbols and paint. I try to capture your interest and draw you into a theater-like scene with figures, animals symbols and an evolving story.

My paintings are a paradox out of time, maybe out of place. I hope to entice you to step into the story, take a deeper look to see what is beyond the facade. A question, a situation, a confrontation. A combination of past and present experiences, lifetimes. Each painting’s meaning is what you perceive it to be.