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Admission to the gallery is free and open to the public.

Works by
Kris Altucher, Manuela Amzallag, Mark Avery, William Baburchak, Alexander Bontzolakes, Lisa Brasier, Gwen Bullock, James Burlitch, Ann Cady, Becky Congdon, Marie Costanza, Chris Cummings, Jared Dawson, Amanda Devine, Ariel Bullion Ecklund, Sara Finegan, Coleen Foley, Kim Haines‑Eitzen, Barbara Harrison, Dede Hatch, Libby Hedrick, Ray Helmke, Kenneth Hill, Kevin Ingerson, Don James, Abhinav Jindal, Eunbin Kim, Sandra Kirker, Brooke Lange, Vie Lori, Reggie McCafferty, Donald Menges, Keith Millman, Randi Millman‑Brown, Kathy Morris, Luann Pero, Jari Poulin, Fred Price, Emma Pure, Kathleen Rasmussen, Debra Rockefeller, Richard Schissel, Rick Schwab, Lee Sims, Christine Stockwell, Werner Sun, Sara Tro, Sheridan Vincent, Chris Walters, Carol Whitlow, Hsiao‑Pei Yang, Talia Yarbrough, and Joe Ziolkowski.

First Prize

Ray Helmke
Scrap Metal Worker
Second Prize

Lisa Brasier
Third Prize

Dede Hatch
Honorable Mention

Amanda Devine
Honorable Mention

Jari Poulin
Tasting Words, Hearing Keys
Honorable Mention

Emma Pure
Honorable Mention

Werner Sun
Big Bang 15

33rd Annual Juried Photography Show

This year 53 photographers from five states submitted 122 pieces for admission to the show, out of which the jury accepted 82 pieces. The show will run June 2–June 26, 2022, with an opening reception on Friday, June 3, 5–8pm. The decisions of our prize judge, Jan Rather, were announced on June 3.

Kris Altucher

Manuela Amzallag

Mark Avery

William Baburchak

Alexander Bontzolakes

Lisa Brasier

Gwen Bullock

James Burlitch

Ann Cady

Becky Congdon

Marie Costanza

Chris Cummings

Jared Dawson

Amanda Devine

Ariel Bullion Ecklund

Sara Finegan

Coleen Foley

Kim Haines-Eitzen

Barbara Harrison

Dede Hatch

Libby Hedrick

Ray Helmke

Kenneth Hill

Kevin Ingerson

Don James

Abhinav Jindal

Eunbin Kim

Sandra Kirker

Brooke Lange

Vie Lori

Reggie McCafferty

Donald Menges

Keith Millman

Randi Millman-Brown

Kathy Morris

Luann Pero

Jari Poulin

Fred Price

Emma Pure

Kathleen Rasmussen

Debra Rockefeller

Richard Schissel

Rick Schwab

Lee Sims

Christine Stockwell

Werner Sun

Sara Tro

Sheridan Vincent

Chris Walters

Carol Whitlow

Hsiao-Pei Yang

Talia Yarbrough

Joe Ziolkowski