Works by
Ed Brothers and Jay Hart.

Before It’s Gone

Before It’s Gone, Views of a World in Flux (November 4–28, 2021) is a two-person show of work by Jay Hart and Ed Brothers in both galleries at State of the Art. Hart shows digital geographic renderings. Brothers’s oil pastels—recent and older—illustrate unique moments he initially captured in photographs and then savored in the painting creation process.

You can read all of Jay’s commentary on a single page alongside expandable thumbnails.

Ed Brothers

The oil pastel paintings on display encompass my most recent efforts plus some older pieces that illustrate unique moments captured and then savored in the process of creation. Time series subjects and multiple views of the same location often appear in my work. The impermanence of our complex world and its inhabitants is inevitable. We have to deeply appreciate this fact so we may act to conserve what may be lost.

Jay Hart

My work is a sampling of ice-bound geography in various states of change. I selected sites which were keys (or canaries) to watch, with others that pertained to our sense of beauty and duty and self-knowledge. I hope the trip around the planet will refresh the visitor to the timeliness of climate awareness, beyond the obligatory melting features of our news media.